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Who we are

Al Wasata Securities Co. a member in Palestine Exchange Market and Subject to the provisions and the Laws of the Palestine Capital Market Authority  and was established in Palestine on December 2006 and began operations early 2007 with the goal of providing investment and financial services.

The company provides brokerage services to the local, regional, and international markets, executing orders by experienced dealers through direct sell and buy orders made personally on the premises, telephone, fax, and email.

We are an experienced team who has the capability of offering professional investment services to our clients and investors. We aim to provide secure and technologically advanced methods of trading for our clients enabling them to trade faster, securely, and privately.

We are committed to utilize all resources possible to assure exceptional services, professional customer experiences, and assuring our clients’ best interest.


You can benefit from our free SMS services and online portfolio review in addition to other services that we provide to assure you are updated with the information needed to make a safe and well-informed decision.


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