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Investing in the stock market requires sufficient research and updated information of the market, which could be quite challenging to attain in real-time to be able to make your investment decision in a timely manner. At Al Wasata, we can save you the time and effort needed to make that decision through our core values, which are:


1.     Our commitment to quality

2.     Highly committed and qualified staff

3.     Using state of the art technologies

4.     Updated and accurate information to our clients.

5.     Assuring the confidentiality of our clients and their transactions


Our commitment to the success of our clients and our motivation in being the best at what we do has resulted in Al Wasata being one of the best brokers in Palestine. Regardless of the portfolio size or nature of our customer, all of our customers are equal in our eyes, where we treat all in the same manner and assure their satisfaction in every experience they have with us.


Be a distinguished investor by investing with Al Wasata and experience how customers should be treated, because your success is our business.



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